CPF Validation for

iGaming and KYC Proccess

Combine the intelligent query of the main Brazilian identification document (CPF) with your onboarding and KYC process, protect your organization and generate additional revenue by accelerating the entry of new users.


Detect fraud patterns and operate safely in Brazil 🇧🇷

Brazil has its own identification document for Brazilian users.

Your app can block users or robots with a query to validate CPFs quiclky.

To protect your organization from fraud, count on a 100% Brazilian solution and:

  • Detect users with invalid data
  • Avoid underage registrations
  • Discover irregularities in the National Taxpayer Registration (CPF)
  • Decrease manual review effort
  • Ensure compliance with Brazilian laws

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Protect your organization with the

CPF Regularity consultation

Automated data query to scale your operation, streamline your KYC, PLD and compliance processes without neglecting security.

High level of automation and proof of regularity of the information obtained in real time

CPF Smart Query API at the Federal Revenue of Brazil, which validates the date of birth automatically

The same API can connect data in a single endpoint from sources such as: PEP (politically exposed person), Banco Central, OFAC, COAC, EU, GOVUK, FBI, INTERPOL, UNSC, CEAF, UNSC, CNEP, MTE, Conselho Nacional de Justiça, CEIS, CEPIM, and others

Registration blocking for underage users CPFs, following the country's legislation that prohibits gambling for persons under 18 years of age

Exclusion of fraudulent users, who inform CPF data of deceased people, or with canceled and suspended registration, pending regularization


Quickly verify the identity of Brazilian users and generate additional revenue!

  • The CPF is the official identification document for Brazilians and the Federal Revenue validates information such as name, mother's name, gender, date of birth and others

  • The automatic checking of the date of birth avoids risks such as accepting minors under 18 and even improves the user experience

  • It is also possible to perform the query using batch processing.

  • Consultation vouchers are saved for viewing and future audits

Netrin serves the largest companies in Brazil, in addition to the main gambling sites and means of payment 🇧🇷

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